Seveer Flexible Stretcher

Seveer Flexible Stretcher

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The standard in Flexible Stretchers, this product is great for moving patients from difficult situations, winding stairs, embankments, etc.

  • Three Cross web straps secure patient within the wrapping flexible stretcher
  • Opens to 6'6", closes to 4'10" x 8 "
  • Internal pockets at both head and foot for storage of patient's belongings, data sheets, etc.
  • Five Wooden slats securely sewn in pockets for stiffness and body
  • Slats can be replaced by the customer if necessary
  • Storage pockets both at head and foot area for personal belongings, gloves, sheets, padding, etc.
  • Reflective tape on each side for visibility & safety
  • 18 oz. vinyl laminated material, super strong, resistant to acids, alkali, anti-bacterial
  • Specially designed one piece top layer for cleaning
  • Special design nylon web carry handles, easy to clean
  • Five Year Warranty