LSP Portable Resuscitator

LSP Portable Resuscitator

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Allied's Life Support Products line has long been recognized as a leader in its field, offering a variety of specialized equipment for emergency and trauma care to fire departments, ambulance companies, and emergency medical services volunteer organizations throughout the U.S. and worldwide. LSP portable resuscitation products provide fast, simple and effective means of ventilating a non-breathing patient during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The LSP AutoVent automatic transport ventilator, the first ventilator designed expressly for the EMS professional, is designed to perform in typical emergency situations as well as during more sophisticated air and ground transport. The LSP Minilator and Multilator are capable of providing oxygen to a large number of patients at the same time during mass casualty incidents.

  • • A fast, simple, and effective system to resuscitate a nonbreathing patient while performing CPR
  • • No adjustments to make or dials to set
  • • Includes a Demand Resuscitator Valve
  • • The demand valve is designed to resuscitate a non-breathing patient, or to provide assisted breathing with 100% oxygen on a conscious patient. To use for resuscitation, the caregiver simply presses the button on the demand valve, to inflate the lungs. When the button is released, the gases are expelled from the lungs through the exhalation (non-rebreathing) valve. For the demand function, the patient simply needs to hold the mask to his mouth and breathe. When the patient initiates a breath, the demand valve will sense the negative pressure and assist the breath with 100% oxygen
  • • Regulator Supply Pressure: 40-60 psig at 2200 psig
  • • Regulator Inlet Fitting: CGA 870 (Pin-Index Yoke)
  • • Case Dimensions: Plastic Case: 8" x 9.5" x 23.5" (20.3 x 24.1 x 59.7 cm)
  • • Complete Kit Weight: approximately 17-19 lbs. (7.7-8.6 kg), depending on equipment included
  • • Highly-visible orange plastic case with an integrated handle. The case is designed to securely hold either a D (M-15, 425 liters) or a Jumbo D (M-22, 640 liters) oxygen cylinder
  • • The lightweight case is buoyant and will float in water for a short period of time, allowing for immediate retrieval
  • • The two-piece hinged door allows easy access to the oxygen regulator and the cylinder valve
  • • The case is made of high-density polyethylene plastic with recessed stainless steel hinges, the case is impervious to corrosive materials, chemicals, and adverse weather conditions. Hinges, latches and the plastic case are designed to withstand rugged use and provide years of trouble-free service. They are guaranteed to be free of workmanship defects for a period of two years
  • • Includes: Demand/Resuscitator Valve L063-05R, Oxygen Regulator L270-220, Reusable Aspirator L146-020, Child Airway, Adult Airway, Adult Oxygen Mask w/7' tubing 64041, Adult Cuffed Mask L099-005, 2 Oxygen Hoses 6',one Poly Handwheel with chain L002865-050 andMolded Plastic Case L040088
  • • The portable resuscitator component warranty is 1 year