Ferno 78 Pedi-Pac

Ferno 78 Pedi-Pac

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The NeoMate Pediatric Restraint System, designed for pediatric patients ranging in size from 5-14 lb (2.3-6.4 kg), provides a quick and efficient way to safely secure young patients to almost any cot without having to purchase additional equipment or specialized seats. NeoMate is fully adjustable with a five-point harness system that securely holds patients, providing comfortable restraint for transport. Three straps easily attach the NeoMate to any cot. A Halo Pad keeps the infant’s head stable.

NASEMSO pediatric transport recommendations call for all devices, or combination of devices, to cover a weight range of between 5 to 99 pounds (2.3 - 44.9 kg). Combining the Pedi Mate+ with the NeoMate creates a covered weight range of 5-100 lb, supporting the safest transport possible for a wide range of ages and sizes.

Minimum Load Limit: 5 lb
Maximum Load Limit: 14 lb

All Features and Benefits

  • Safely secures pediatric patients ranging in size from 5-14 lb (2.3-6 kg)
  • Fully-adjustable, five-point harness system securely holds patients, providing safe restraint for transport
  • Rolls compactly for convenient storage and easy deployment
  • Vinyl construction is nontoxic and easy-to-clean
  • Three restraint straps easily attach to any cot
  • Halo Pad keeps infant’s head stable


Weight 2.6 lb
Load Limit 5-14 lb
Width 10.5 in
Length 21 in