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AeroEclipse II BAN

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The AeroEclipse® II  Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN) creates aerosol in response to the patient’s inspiratory flow.  This patient on-demand therapy means less medication waste, higher drug delivery efficiency and safer clinician working environments.

Combining the benefits of breath actuation and a superior aerosol particle size, the BANdelivers the industry’s most effective respirable dose. Supported by clinical evidence, the BAN™, provides approved dosing protocols throughout the hospital and for all patient populations.


  • The AeroEclipse® II Breath Actuated Nebulizer delivers a high respirable dose and an optimal particle size to reach the therapeutically important areas of the lungs.
  • Proprietary one-way valve provides protection for clinicians and family members against dangerous second hand aerosols, which may carry harmful viruses.
  • Breath actuated technology maintains available drug during exhalation phase and breaks in treatment to guard against costly repeat therapies and drug loss to the environment.
  • Accommodates a wide range of patient breathing patterns including varying I:E (Inhalation:Exhalation) ratios to avoid potential under-dosing compared to continuously operating nebulizers.2
  • Designed to meet a wide range of patient population needs, the BANactivates at 15 lpm and can be used with a mouthpiece or our masks. It can also be operated manually or in a continuous mode if necessary.


  • Built-in mode selector allows convenient, easy operation in either breath actuated or continuous mode.
  • Green biofeedback button provides visual confirmation of actuation and inhalation, encouraging proper breathing technique.
  • AeroControl® System Regulator activates at 15 lpm of inspiratory pressure to meet the needs of a wide range of patient populations.
  • One-way exhalation valve virtually eliminates the mixing of inspirate and expirate.
  • User-friendly EZ Twist Tubing has a sturdy grip for easy assembly and removal.
  • Mouthpiece can be removed and replaced with three sizes of our disposable or reusable ComfortSeal® Masks (optional elbow adapter accommodates any standard mask).
  • Fill lines provide accurate drug measurements from 0.5 – 6ml.